Facial hair transplant

Facial hair transplant is a surgical process wherein hair loss of the frontal side of the men’s head is remedied. In this type of surgery, the main objective is to transport healthy hair grafts from one place to another in order to cover a bald scalp area, usually the upper front of the male’s face in case of hair loss.

Facial Hair Transplant

There are also other treatments for this condition. Majority of them are non-surgical and non-invasive. In addition, stem cell hair regrowth is being developed as a one of recourses for men’s hair restoration.

Unlike other hair loss treatments, facial hair transplant is more costly than any other methods. The good side about this is that it is permanent and facial hair transplant is often done in clinics by doctors

It involves medical expertise and is still a surgical procedure on how to regrow hair. Facial hair transplant has two kinds of surgical method. The first is the strip harvesting, which is the most common technique of transplant. The procedure involves the removal of a strip of scalp from a part of the head with anaesthesia. The strip will be then cut into small pieces called grafts and then transported to the balding area of the patient’s head. The donor area where the strip came from will have a scar as a result of stitches to rejoin the separated scalp skin. The scar will heal with medication during a two week period.

The second technique is the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE Harvesting. In this type of facial hair transplant, individual hair follicles are removed from another portion of head and transported to the thinning area of the head. It requires great surgical precision in making tiny punches of 0.6mm to 1.25mm in diameter and reinserting the hair follicle back into the head. This technique involves the use of anaesthesia and no sutures or stitches. The healing period for the scars is usually a week.

This type of transplant is much more time consuming and requires a great deal on the operator’s skill in cutting and reinserting a hair follicle. This technique also features the advantage of no pain of discomfort though there are some restrictions in being eligible for this procedure. This style of facial hair transplant requires more time and more money on the patient’s part.

The cost of hair transplant depends on what technique is used, along with the re-occurrence of treatment and the price of the hair grafts. It’s up to the patient and the attending physician to decide which technique will be best to use.
Facial hair transplant is considered is classified as a “minor out-patient surgery”

A patient can walk, take the treatment for 4-8 minutes and receive medication for the wounds. Usually, the clinic provides the medication and the dressing for the wounds. Since the healing time is very fast, there are usually no reported infections or side effects that can affect the patient. The clinic also observes strict medical procedures when performing facial hair transplant.