Hair implants for men

One of the most effective methods of frontal hair loss treatment is hair implants for men. This method involves doctors and surgical means. The process is can be fairly summarized into this: Hair grafts from the bottom part or the sides of the head are taken and then implanted or transported to the bald area, the frontal side of the head. In this scenario, there is still hair growth since the implanted hair grafts can grow in the previously bald area after half a year or so.

Types Of Hair Implants for Men

There are many types of this receding hairline treatment, all of them promising to make use of hair grafts and can run into many treatment sessions. The fist type of treatment is the Single Hair Follicular Unit where a hair graft is transplanted one at a time. This procedure of hair implants for men is often applied to create hairline and softer edges, often for a finishing touch. Its double counterpart is called Follicular Units where there are two hairs transported instead of one. The Modified Follicular Unit is an accelerated process where there are three to four hairs transported at a time to add size.

A single treatment session often lasts between 5 to 10 hours. Depending on the extent of hair loss, the hair implants can be administered in a number of sessions. The hair transplant surgery cost is dependent on the costs of the hair grafts, which has an average of six dollars. However, in many practices and in cases of an extended bald area, the cost of hair implants for men is reduced for patients who will undertake many treatment sessions.

Although the hair implants for men are costly, they have no need for constant re-application that is usual for other hair loss method of treatments. Other treatments are non-surgical that might entail special grooming and replacements. To make most of the costs for the hair loss treatments, it is recommended to entertain only the best hair transplants in the market. Aspiring patients would have to sort out the best clinics and the best doctors in the practice. The doctor would often give a clear picture of the condition, the treatment and sound advice on the course of action in an initial consultation. There are times when hair implants for men is not exactly the best treatment for the hair loss of a patient.
Best Hair Implants for Men and the Benefits

Hair implants are still the best recourse to prevent the blatant display of hair loss in men. The benefits of hair implantations are the following:

  • The hair implants for men are completely natural and the only side effects are small scars from the surgeon’s incisions
  • The hair implants for men grow after they are implanted and they adapt well in their new place.
  • The hair implants for men are permanent and does not need reapplication and other repetitive practices.
  • The procedure is direct and the effect is less subtle compared to other methods.

Other benefits of hair implants for men include providing the patient with instant self-confidence and good-looking appearance without any worries about hair loss ever again.

Hair implants for men
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