Hair transplant before and after images – Results

Check out some of the sample images from our previous patients. You can ask for more VALID hair transplant before and after images as we have thousands of them. Our hair transplants clinic has been operating since 2012. We do about 600 hair implants to mostly UK and French patient that decide to come to Budapest to rejuvanate their hair crown. It is a wise and informed decision they make – and all of them leave in great satisfaction.

Let us warn you here about the possible problems with hair transplants done outside the EU. You will get bargain prices, that is for sure. You might want safe and high quality treatment in exchange. Please check reviews of Turkish hair clinics as there are a good couple of reasons to avoid some of the clinics there. Not all of them are bad, though, please do your homework before deciding over a clinic.

Budapest hair clinics are a safer bet for several reasons. First: it is only doctors (hair surgeons) that are allowed to perform any intervention on the scalp. In Istanbul they alow assistants to do the work. Second: You get a written guarantee for 18 monthsnot for 30 years or whatsoever as proclaimed by Turkish clinics in many cases. Third: in case of an issue the laws of EU apply. Think of theses three factors and make an informed decision where to get your hair implants done.