Stem cell hair regrowth

Stem cell hair multiplcationThe world of stem cell research has extensive coverage – even delving into stem cell hair regrowth. Stem cell hair regrowth is all about using stem cells ato use them in treating hair loss.

The concept of stem cell hair regrowth is still currently a theory but scientists are looking into the possibility in using stem cells in order to use stem cells and transform them into hair follicles. Scientists believe that placing stem cells near dying or damaged cells like stumped hair follicles will revive the said cells and follicles back into life. Since stem cells can grow and transform into any specialized cells, it has been considered to be an effective means on how to regrow hair.

Stem Cell Hair Regrowth: Innovative Treatment

Growing hair follicles by stem cells is an innovative treatment that can replace facial hair transplant and other forms of mens hair restoration. The avenue is now open for stem cell hair regrowth and many clinics and doctors are immersing their practices in this brand-new concept. The stem cell hair growth is promising to be non-invasive as non-surgical treatments but as effective as hair implants, which is the surgical treatment for this condition.

The promise of stem cell hair growth is backed up studies and experiments done on mice, on the specific purpose of growing hair and combating hair loss. The stem cell hair regrowth treatment is still in its initial and research stage. Some say it will take at the duration of a decade before stem cell hair regrowth can be perfected and used by men who had frontal hair loss. There is also a considerable amount of time before the treatment can launched into mainstream medicine.
Stem Cell Hair Regrowth: Surgical and Non Surgical

In the mean time, there are available treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, aside from the possibility of stem cell hair regrowth. Surgical methods often include hair transplant wherein healthy hair follicles are transported from hairs in the back and sides of the head to the bald or scalp area in the front. Non surgical methods many include oral medication, creams, hairpieces and other means to cover the scalp area.

The costs of hair loss treatments vary from one kind to another but the biggest expense is on the cost of hair transplant. This is due to the price of hair graft. A hair graft’s average cost revolves around 6 dollars per piece. If there are many hair grafts to be transport to cover a scalp area, it would be a costly affair t o the patient and would require an number of treatments to complete the whole transplant. However, some clinics reduced the price tag in this situation.

Non-surgical methods are comparatively cheaper than a hair transplant but there are also temporary effects and not as effective as the surgical treatment. It will also require constant reapplication or ingestion, depending on the treatment’s nature.

For the meantime, these are the only option for hair loss treatments. However, with stem cells hair regrowth, there will be a revolution. The stem cell hair regrowth provides the benefits of two types of treatment in only one package.