Causes of hair loss and treatments

Hair loss casuses and treatmentsHair grows in follicles that lie deep in the scalp. It defines mammals, and it is made of cortex, medulla and cuticle. Its root (referred to as the bulb), and the sebaceous gland produces oils that lubricate the hair. Sometimes the HR gene can become mutated and cause hair loss. The hair has a primary purpose: it protects the body, so total hair loss is unhealthy. It had been discovered that humans are the only mammals that suffer from hair loss to such degrees that exist in today’s society. Aging, gene makeup, DNA, stress and many more conditions can lead to hair loss. No other mammal has this genetic defect.

How keep your hair healthy?

Healthy hair is essential for preventing further hair loss. You can choose a diet of fish, meat, eggs, beans, nuts and soy to help the hair grow healthy. These proteins will make a difference in your hair as well as prevent hair loss. Zinc and Iron are also important for hair. They help generate oxygen and repair tissues needed for adequate hair growth. A good way to get these essential nutrients is eating poultry, lentils, beans, soybeans and tofu. Peanut butter and lean meats are good for tissue repair, as well as crabs and oysters. Supplements, bread, pasta and cereals are good ideas as well. Never leave the fat out of your diet, because healthy fats are essential to hair growth. Vitamin C is also very important to prevent baldness.

What can be done against hair loss? Hair transplants may help!

If you want to know what causes hair loss, and what can be done about it visit a hair clinic and find out how to solve your hair loss. There is no point in wasting hard earned money on products that won’t work, or won’t have long-lasting results. Nothing will regenerate hair, so hair transplant surgery can be a good solution many people choose.

Hair transplant is a procedure that transplants hairs from the donor area to the bald spots. It is the best way to get back the full head of hair that you long to have. It is affordable, discrete and the recovery time is very short. The best thing is that there are little to no scars left after the procedure. The cost of hair transplant can be affordable as well.